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Prince Adventures is now in pre-production with 7 seasons; 91 episodes planned with a projected 2019-2020 release!


Prince Adventures: Wrath of the Albino Soul Minion, the second light novel in the series, will be available September 25, 2019! This epic adventure is the last book that sets up the animated series! Synopsis below:

Ever since the birth of the world's greatest tyrant, Queen Afrikasi Shakir, the first albino cheetah, the world has been on edge. All, for a time, have even been killed shortly after birth. Centuries pass. Orion finally forgets the hell Queen Afrikasi brought to the world... until Prince Nai Tehuti of Great Goshen was born. There is hidden power so evil and demonic in Nai, that even Satan himself will stop at nothing to bring him to his side.





Prince Adventures: Deliverance, the first light novel in the series, is now available! You can buy your printed and digital copy, here!




Prince Adventures: Genesis, the prologue to the series, is now available! You can buy your printed copy, here! Get your digital copy at comixology, here!

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