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Prince Han Tehuti

Kingdom: Great Goshen

Age: 24
Race: Humal / Goshen Cheetah


Han is the future king of Great Goshen and adored by all. He is much respected across the
land, even by his younger brother, Nai. He always knows what to do in any situation and will never leave anyone behind. He is calm and collected, allowing nothing to get to him. He is a strong follower, never letting the evils of the world bring him down. He is smooth, fast, and careful, never letting up on his training. He’s also a master at a handful of martial arts.

Prince Nai Tehuti

Kingdom: Great Goshen

Age: 17

Race: Humal / Goshen Cheetah


Nai is one of the princes of Great Goshen. He is very rebellious which constantly gets him into trouble. Nai has no problem fighting his way out of anything. In fact, he encourages it. He is
extremely confident in his fighting abilities, making him arrogant and bull-headed. All around, Nai is a goofy, fun-loving teenager who loves to kick back, kick butt, and eat chicken.

Prince Akil Tehuti

Kingdom: Great Goshen

Age: 15

Race: Humal / Goshen Cheetah


Akil is the mute, happy-go-lucky, prince of Great Goshen. He is loving and kind and can’tstand to see anyone in pain. He never gives up no matter how bad the situation is.

Lord Satan

Kingdom: Hell

Age: ?
Race: Angel / Demon

Was once recognized as the most beautiful angel the universe has ever seen until he
thought he was greater than the Creator. This fallen angel is ready to prove himself worthy by destroying what his Father created and ruling the cosmos with an iron fist.

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