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Prince adventures: Wrath of the albino Soul Minion


Unbeknownst to the world, the Great Tribulation nears. Satan and his ilk are ready to strike the 7 kingdoms of Orion, but a nuisance stands in their way, three actually. The rebellious, albino prince is headed down a dark path. Since Satan cannot kill the Trinity, he will corrupt it, by swaying young Nai to his side.


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Prince Adventures: Deliverance


Oppa Oppa Island has been enslaved by the cruel Lord Arsimian, one of Satan's most terrible servants. The people cry out for a savior and God provides, calling upon Prince Zaphnath-Paaneah Tehuti. Now, the young prince must gather his friends and set out to free the villagers from bondage.


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Prince Adventures: Genesis

Humans aren't God's only greatest creation. On the same day God created man he also created intelligent, half-animal beings called humals. Ever since Satan was cast out of the heavens due to his pride, he's made it his mission to cause chaos to the perfect world God manifested. Let the true battle between good and evil begin.


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PA: Shorts

A comical series where characters from Prince Adventures are put in hilarious situations.


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